Batfiles & MSDOS-7

“Batfiles: The DOS batch programming handbook”


“Using MS-Dos7 Commands”

These extensive works are unavailable at this time. I plan to put them back on-line, but I can’t say exactly when. Please note: When these works do come back on-line, they will appear on a different domain, so if you are interested, please bookmark the following purls and check periodically.

Alas, I do not wish you to go emptyhanded. At the link below is a fun batch game that you will likely return to again and again. I suggest you download the batch because it is more reliable than copy and paste.


Help text from inside the batch program (access with bullcow /? at DOS prompt):

echo. DOS batch single player version of an ancient game, known as
echo. "Bulls and Cows", written by Laurence Soucy on May 7, 2004.
echo. Bulls and Cows is normally a two player game. This DOS batch
echo. single player version can be played by anyone with a typical
echo. installation of MS-DOS version 6.2 or newer; will not run
echo. on NT OS (including 2K/XP/etc.). Requires mem.exe, find.exe,
echo., and ansi.sys loaded via config.sys.
echo. Bulls and Cows is good game for practicing concentration and
echo. deductive reasoning. The object is to match a 4 digit number
echo. chosen randomly by the computer. A correct digit at the correct
echo. location is a 'bull' and a correct digit at a wrong location is
echo. a 'cow', represented by x's and dots (x .), respectively.
echo. Advantage of a single player computer version is the elimination
echo. of obvious human error: A specific combination of four digits may
echo. only be tried once, and all numerals in a four digit combination
echo. producing no score, will be disallowed for the rest of the game.
echo.-- More --
echo. Whether a player wins a game (guesses the correct number), or
echo. chooses to quit a game before guessing correctly, the number
echo. of attempts will be displayed. The random four digit number will
echo. be displayed if game is quit. Limited to 25 tries.
echo. Beta version.
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